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The story of the Rodeo Van

There’s a funny story behind how and why we got this van. It’s definitely not that we needed another vehicle and we actually weren’t planning keeping it, but I guess that’s just the way some things go. The original plan goes back to a couple months before the @lasvegasnfr and Texas. We had booked a chainstitching event with the amazing people at @kimesranchjeans and so planned to drive ourselves out to Texas with our Chainstitch embroidery machine in tow. Set up a few event around Fort Worth and then sell the van to some lucky person and fly out butts home. I started looking online for the perfect van (that was in our small budget) and just couldn’t find anything...

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Young Love...The Story of How We Met

Jon and I met in Manchester, England in July of 2004.   For some reason, and honestly not sure how or why I had been a Football fan of Manchester United for years back in the States.  In the early 2000s we didn't even have Tivo yet, so in order to watch the football, I would have to wake up at 5 am and drive 40 minutes to Venice Beach to watch the game at an English bar.  Have a full English and a pint of beer and surrounded by a bar of ex-pats.  I found my secret little getaway.   So when I found out I was going to be going to England or the first time, there was no way...

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