The story of the Rodeo Van

There’s a funny story behind how and why we got this van. It’s definitely not that we needed another vehicle and we actually weren’t planning keeping it, but I guess that’s just the way some things go.

The original plan goes back to a couple months before the @lasvegasnfr and Texas. We had booked a chainstitching event with the amazing people at @kimesranchjeans and so planned to drive ourselves out to Texas with our Chainstitch embroidery machine in tow. Set up a few event around Fort Worth and then sell the van to some lucky person and fly out butts home.

I started looking online for the perfect van (that was in our small budget) and just couldn’t find anything that would make the trip. Then one say I was driving to the bank and I saw the perfect van on the side of the road with this guy just chilling next to it. So I pulled over, popped out and just asked him if it was for sale. After a few google translates I was the proud new owner of a massive white van.

He said there wasn’t anything wrong with it, but of course that wasn’t totally true. I didn’t care. Nothing was going to stop this idea I had in my brain. I hired a couple guys to come help me put in wood walls and insulation (wood gifted by one of our people @jkornacka) and we were nearly there.  

I knew we couldn’t keep the outside a basic boring white and it just so happens one of best friends is amazing painter, so we begged her to come spend a day with us and turn the van into mobile art.  And boy did she.  

But then Covid ramped it’s ass up and most of our events we had booked cancelled, so in turn we had to call it off.  We book these trips and use our events to cover the cost of gas, etc., so if the shows cancel we just can’t afford to do it. We were already in way deeper than originally intended with the van.  

So instead we decided to take it to visit some friends in Flagstaff, AZ and Kanab, UT.  Not the same as the NFR obviously, but she needed to go on a bit of a maiden voyage and so off we went. 

I think my husband thinks I’m crazy when I get these ideas in my head, but to see one that comes from conception to fruition and have it turn out better than ever’s just so rewarding.  

Here’s the inside before:

And here’s the inside after:

In the end we decided we wanted to keep the Rodeo wagon.  So much time and love and money went into her it would be a disservice not to enjoy her for a bit before she even looks for a new home.  

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